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Antropoceno XXX – Recursos e Interações

Now we’ve really made some advancements. You’ve covered the Anthropocene, all the thinking around resilience and tipping points, the great acceleration, and now we’ve also covered all the nine planetary boundaries. Again I’d really like to encourage you to dig deeper in the materials and background literature around all the boundaries.

But through the lectures we now have a nice, up-to-date feel of where we are with regards to the Planetary Boundary Framework. We saw that three of them have already been transgressed – we are in a danger zone – and even though many of the remaining still have a certain degree of freedom, we’re approaching the ceiling for several of them, which means that humanity really is in a very dire situation of a rapid transition to global sustainability.

That’s why it is exciting that we are now moving into our next cluster. We’ll be looking at how planetary boundaries interact and also introducing the concepts around peak resources and what does planetary boundaries translate to in terms of the budgets and the remaining space for human development. And this means that we will now be coupling the biophysical analysis with the human dimensions. It is not enough to think only in terms of the safe operating space but also a just and fair operating space for humanity.

The social boundaries, the floor for development, will now be linked into and broadening the whole framework on planetary boundaries. We’ll also be discussing how to reconnect human development to the biosphere, to ecosystems all over the planet.

You got to know Sarah Cornell in the previous module as an expert on biogeochemical flows. She will be coming back in this module thanks to her deep engagement in the social and human dimensions of planetary boundaries. We’re now going to also have our third hangout. And let’s make that a really thriving, lively hangout for this week. Good luck.