Barroco III

Viagens no Brasil WP_20150827_009(agosto 2015)



.Voo TP117


. a revivificação

.A questão patrimonial africana a partir do sul

.museologia e diversidade cultural

.museologia e neurociciência

. a arte poética da museolgia

.oficina do objeto museológico

.Museu de Percurso do Negro – Porto Alegre Rio Grande do Sul

.Excesso e barroco

Pedro Pereira Leite

Researcher and professor. He had his PhD. on museology in 2011, with the title “Muss-amb-ike Homeland: The commitment on musicological process”, that was published in 2011. In 2012 he finishes a Post-PhD Research on "Biographical Glances: The intersubjectivity poetry on museology, at Lusófona University (Lisbon). Presently he is working in his Post PhD. Research about: “Global Heritages" with the aims to build a network on local cognizance and memory manager has a tool to build the will of action in 3 different communities, linked by past communed heritages.” He works at CES. He participates on different Research network, presented papers in national and international conferences, and had published books on research subjects.

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The inclusion of community knowdlege on territorial development