Museologia Social e Urbanismo XLIV

 Who can enable and implement this change towards sustainable urban development?

About this module: So far we have dealt with the various challenges facing the cities, and the ways to go about making a change in the current processes.

This final chapter attempts to give examples of the various groups of people, communities and organisations that are working towards bringing this change. We start with the local, national and regional leadership within the government, and Edgardo Bilsky tells us a bit about the history of United Cities and Local Governments[1] (UCLG) and the various activities they are involved as a group of Local governments[2].

John Thwaites then talks to us about  the role of local leadership in the case of Melbourne. Both Eduardo Moreno and Gino Van Begin give us insights about UN-Habitat and ICLEI, as international development agencies involved at a global scale in driving this agenda. Sheela Patel takes us through the story of the Slum Dwellers International, as a community based organisation and the role civil society can play in making cross-regional platforms for engagement as well as a collective to enable activism. At last, Eugenie makes a call to all of us as researchers and practitioners to act, and ways in which we could think about conducting our research in the urban.