Museologia Social e Urbanismo XLII

How can cities be made sustainable?

Theme: How can cities and urban areas be governed better to make them more sustainable?


About this module: In the previous sessions so far, it has been made evident that governance is central to achieving these sustainability goals, and yet it is also evident that there are gaps in the current understanding (both in theory and in practice) of governance that exist. This module brings us to this question then “how can cities and urban areas be governed better to make them more sustainable?”

Aromar Revi starts us out with ways of understanding these new forms of institutions and governance. Edgar Pieterse brings public participation to the core of this discussion on governance. Michael Cohen then talks about the real constraints of financing, particularly at the local level to enable these institutions to function. We then redirect our understanding of the SDGs and what role could these play in governance and Eduardo Moreno talks to us about the challenges in monitoring and measuring these  SDGs and what are the ways that have been found out. David Simon then gets into a conversation with Aromar realigning our attention from mega cities to the secondary sized cities, and how they could offer a potential way of piloting many of these new forms of governance, financing and institutions.