Museologia Social e Urbanismo

How can we achieve urban resilience?

As climate risk increases, so does the manifestation of vulnerabilities and exposure that exacerbate the outcomes of a natural event. This module deals with the components of such risk and how could we try and achieve more resilient cities and communities. Aromar Revi starts us out with the various components of risk, and why is it that cites are constantly accumulating disaster risk. Allan Lavell then describes the distinction between ‘urban risks’ and ‘risks in the urban’ and how these vulnerabilities are manifested due to inequities existing cities. Aromar Revi and Seth Schultz talk about the uncertainties in the future vis-a-vis climate and what are the ways in which climate mitigation and adaptation are being achieved in various parts of the world, particularly cities in the South. Kamal Kishore delves from his experience of post-disaster recovery and response and leads us to think about rebuilding in a way that we ‘do no harm’ and ‘build back better’. Aromar Revi closes the module with details on how to think about resilient systems and cities and what are the various characteristics of such resilient societies.