Antropoceno X – Resiliencia Socio-ecológica

You’ve now worked yourself through deeply into the Anthropocene, including how to turn it into something good, where we humans become wise stewards of planet Earth.

Now this is actually key for the continuation of our modules; the recognition that the insights of the Anthropocene is neither good nor bad. It’s the recognition that we are now in the driving seat, determining our own future.

With this as a base, we will now move into the next module, where we will be probing much more in detail what :

  • we mean with social ecological systems,
  • how humans and nature are interwoven,
  • how societies and ecosystems are interdependent,
  • and how our world depends on a sustainable and resilient Earth.

We’ll also be exploring new concepts of positive and negative feedbacks, regime shifts, teleconnections, and tipping points.

So it will be a challenging  and will see the tools to understand and be able to address some of the more applied opportunities further on.