Museum (Memory + Creativity) = Social Change

XV Minom Internacional Conference (International Movement for a New Museology),  Museu da República, Museu da Maré and Museu de Favela, 8, 9 and 10 Agusto 2013

The equation “Museum (Memory + Creativity) = Social Change” is not a formula, it is meant to provoke, to challenge our thoughts. It is a sort of “poemathics”, a ludic gesture that reminds us that art and science depend on memory and creativity, that the strength of museums can be multiplied by the combined work of memory and creativity- and that it all can lead to social change. Without creativity memory stagnates, withouth memory creativity is impossible. The broader and multiplying combination of Museu, Memory and Creativity can contribute to social transformation.

The International Movement for a New Museology (MINOM) is a ICOM affiliated organization which since 1985 brings together international practitioners and theorists of community museology, ecomuseology and social museology. On occasion of the 23rd General Conference of ICOM, MINOM embraces the “poemathics” “Museum (Memory + Creativity) = Social Change” and invites museum professionals to discuss theory and practice of social museology… sociomuseology.

The first day of the meeting will be dedicated to the presentation of social museology experiences in Brazil and around the world. Working Group 1 will foster debates of a more reflexive character concentrated in ICOM’s Conference theme and in the exchange of theretical reflections and their connection with innovative museum processes. Working Group 2 will open space for other issues of interest for MINOM members, to be defined after consultation.

We invite all interested museum and heritage professional and thinkers worldwide to attend our conference and join the International Movement for a New Museology- to bring contribute to community oriented and tranformative social practices in the museum and heritage field

Pedro Pereira Leite

Researcher and professor. He had his PhD. on museology in 2011, with the title “Muss-amb-ike Homeland: The commitment on musicological process”, that was published in 2011. In 2012 he finishes a Post-PhD Research on "Biographical Glances: The intersubjectivity poetry on museology, at Lusófona University (Lisbon). Presently he is working in his Post PhD. Research about: “Global Heritages" with the aims to build a network on local cognizance and memory manager has a tool to build the will of action in 3 different communities, linked by past communed heritages.” He works at CES. He participates on different Research network, presented papers in national and international conferences, and had published books on research subjects.

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